How Will You Take Your Home Inspection Business to the Next Level

How Will You Take Your Business to the Next Level – This Year?

At 3 Days of Secrets Revealed I will be talking to folks about having their best year ever… I sincerely hope you will be joining us.

With that in mind I think the following will be useful for you.  You see, on a regular basis I talk to people that are looking at having a great year.  The only problem is that they are really only looking at what they want this year and not what it will truly take to get it done.

For instance, I often hear “I want to do 500 inspections this year.” This is a great goal.  Now the challenge question that goes with that statement that must be asked to make sure they succeed.  “What are you going to do to make that happen?”  We all know that it isn’t going to happen by itself.  The problem are some of the answers I get.  “More marketing.” “More Presentations.”  Maybe – that will work.

I work with a group of real estate agents in a mastermind group and we all discuss what we are going to do to take our business to the next level and as we discussed what their goals were we went through this exercise. This will be insightful and useful to you as well.

Agent “A” want to do 24 transactions this year.  Everyone says, “Great how are you going to do that?” and she says something like “Well I plan to advertise more.”  Sound familiar?  Not a very direct plan.

Agent “B” wants to do 100 transactions this year.  When asked how she plans to do this – she says something like – “Schedule 6 appointments each week to meet with prospects.”  When asked how she is going to do that she lists the number of marketing pieces she is going to mail through email and direct mail – how many phone calls she is going to make – how many open houses she will host – how often she will post on social media and so forth. She knows what she expects for a return as far as number of appointments in each of these areas.

I have to admit that I have always been impressed with Agent “B”.  She is a great implementer and was one of the first to join our mastermind group when we started it.  I have watched as she continues to grow her business.  Even cooler for me is how she is willing to help other agents get up and running by showing them the ropes.

Now, let’s apply this to your company.  I will show you an example of what we are doing with the TexInspec and how the marketing people are putting this into action.

Let’s say they want to do 5000 inspections next year.  That sounds great, so how are we going to accomplish that.  I am not going to fill in exact numbers below because I don’t want you to lock in on those numbers as much as I want you to understand the concept.  Here are some of the questions that Jonathan is making sure he gets answers to.

  • How many offices will we visit? Each marketing person…
  • How often will we visit those offices?
  • How many presentations will we do this year?
  • How many requests do we need to make or schedule that many presentations?
  • How many lunches are we going to do with Agents/Mavens this year?
  • How many agents will your inspectors bring to the table this year?
  • How many TAP notes will you mail this year?
  • How many 11th month inspections do you plan to do?
  • How many Board of Realtors will you be part of?
  • How many Realtor events will you participate in?
  • How are you going to improve your web site?
    1. Easier to find
    2. Easier to schedule
    3. Pull in information from visitors
    4. Reach back out to visitors
  • What type of Referral Program will you set up to help encourage people to refer you?
  • What kind of USPs (Unique Selling Points) will you add to differentiate yourself from your competition?
  • Will you have some kind of Give-Away to encourage people to work with you?
  • What will be your monthly promotion to keep people interested in what your company is doing?
  • What type of inspection service will you add to generate more revenue per inspection?
  • If you are going after listing inspections – then how will you reach out to them and how many are you planning on trying to do?
  • How many sellers will you try to convert to do inspections with you and how will you go after those? Mailings – phone calls – flyers – etc.

I do not intend this list to even begin to be complete or exhaustive?  It is only a start.  I would recommend you start a 3-ring binder with these questions and others that you have to put numbers to each year and start tracking them to see what needs to be done to increase the number inspections that you are doing.  This will not look like a perfect science – for good reason it isn’t – however it will give you a good idea of what you need to do to turn up the volume knob on your business.

For example:

  • I want to have 3 new agents use me per week.  (TexInspec did 10 new agents per week last year)
  • For every presentation I do – on average I expect to pull in at least one new agent.
  • Conclusion – I need to do 3 presentations per week to meet my goal.
  • Now take it a step further – how many requests do you need to make to pull in a presentation. For instance, you might say you have to make three requests for a presentation to schedule one.  So now it is easy to see that you need to make nine requests a week for a presentation so that you will schedule  three presentations and therefore bring in three new agents.

Many of our Platinum Mastermind members that you will see at 3 Days of Secrets Revealed are doing exactly this sort of reporting to themselves.  In fact, many are putting up large white boards so they and everyone in the office can see exactly how they are doing on those numbers.

Remember – Anything measured improves, Anything measured and reported on improves exponentially.

This is why our Platinum Mastermind members do so well – they report to each other about every three months how they are doing on their numbers.  It is no doubt why so many of them double, triple even 10X’s their business and why so many become Iron Men (single man operations that achieve over 300K per year) or so many become multi-inspector firms and eventually why so many become million-dollar companies and beyond.

This is why I created the saying…

Be successful… and Be Around Those That Are Successful… because when you do everything gets easier and you achieve it even faster.  It really starts when you attend 3 Days of Secrets Revealed – see you there.

Mike Crow



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