Beware the 95% – Home Inspectors need to know this about Marketing

Mike recently talked about Home Inspector Marketing – you need to know the 95% is working against you…

You are surrounded by the 95% – in other words 95% of home inspectors will try to tell you why you don’t want to do home inspector marketing.  They will tell you home inspector marketing should consist of doing a good home inspection.  You need to surround yourself with successful home inspectors that understand that home inspector marketing is absolutley necessary.

Mike Crow talks in this podcast about the difference in how 95% of home inspectors think vs. the 4% of home inspectors and then the 1% of home inspectors – keep in mind that the Top 1% of home inspectors are part of the Mastermind Inspector Community – i hope you will join us…

Be successful…and Be Around Those That Are Successful

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